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Welcome to The Be Encouraged Blog.

If you are new here, I’d like to say HEY! I’m so glad you are here. No matter how you got here, I hope you leave feeling encouraged! I pray that this is a soft place to land and a place where you might learn a thing or two!

Let’s jump into this month’s blog post topic:

Crafter’s Gift Guide!

If you are reading this post, my gut tells me you found this because you’re looking for some help shopping for that special crafter in your life. Makers and crafters can sometimes be hard to shop for since their hands seem to be in almost everything! Paper crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, card making, beading, knitting … the list can go on and on! How do you find something they will enjoy and use while they craft? And where do you even begin as you walk into Michaels or JoAnn?! It can be super daunting if craft stores aren’t your cup of tea.

Don’t fret … I’m here to help! This year I sat down and gathered all of my favorite craft supplies to help shoppers in their quest to buy incredible gifts this season. And even better yet, all of these products can be found on Amazon and shipped directly to your door.

I do want you to know that the links used below are affiliate links, and we may receive a small compensation when you purchase from them. But! It is at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting us at Uncommon as we share with you our very favorite products we use daily!

. . .

First up, for your crafter’s craft room…

The Fiskars Self Healing Mat. This product saves your table surfaces and is great for the long term care of your sharps (like Xacto & Utility Knives - see below!). I truly believe bigger is better for this product so I am recommending the 24”x36” self healing mat.

Next, a few sharps that I swear by and that every crafter needs.

I bought the Stanley Utility Knife in college and it is my go-to sharp when I am on set and in my shop.

A quality pair of Gold Scissors.

Now let’s talk paper cutters & trimmers.

Any paper crafter out there knows that a great paper trimmer is essential to crafting. I have gone through my fair share of trimmers and found these two are fantastic for day-to-day crafting.

I use the Fiskars Guillotine Chop Cutter for 12”x12” paper cutting and then use the Fiskars Small Paper Trimmer for photos and smaller scale items.

Large industrial trimmers are impressive and get the job done but I love that these can travel with me and be used in my shop. Another little thing I love about the Fiskars Guillotine Chop Cutter is that it has a built-in handle. I use this to hang it on the wall of my shop so it doesn’t take up table space, but it can be easily accessed.

If you are looking for a higher ticket item for the crafter in your life, I would recommend the Cricut Maker. I don’t know what I used to do before I owned my machine. It is an ABSOLUTE game changer for makers and crafters!! It is definitely an investment BUT worth every penny! Now, if your crafter already has a Cricut system, I’d highly recommend getting them some tools, mats like this or this, pens, transfer tape, or vinyl to go with their system. Whether they have had it for years or just got it, these always come in handy. As a crafter myself, I am always in need of fresh supplies. Help them stock up for all their Cricut projects! And if you stock them up on vinyl, make sure to grab a couple vinyl holders for their craft room wall so they can organize their rolls. This storage changed how I was able to locate vinyl quickly and know what my supply looked like at all times.

Lastly, if you are looking for a craft item most crafter’s don’t have but absolutely need if they love beading or gift wrapping is the Ribbon Sealer.

This little gadget is AMAZING and always impresses a crowd. Not sure what it is? I didn’t either the first time I saw it! This little guy has a hot wire that runs from end to end. You place synthetic ribbons between the two panels and then press down on the button once it is fully heated. The wire cuts the ribbon in two and seals the edges so they don’t fray like a normal pair of scissors would! Seriously, the coolest gadget of my entire repertoire!

I hope this post helps you find a great gift for that special crafter in your life! If you don’t see anything that catches your eye but you have questions about other craft categories, send me an email and I am happy to assist you in your purchase!

Happy Shopping!

Katie + The Uncommon Team


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