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The Uncommon Promise



"I’ve worked with Katie as an art director on several broadcast productions and have been grateful to have her as a

creative collaborator who brings in a

fresh perspective and ideas. Her communication throughout the pre-production process instills confidence that her department will run smoothly on production days. Large and small projects can carry equal importance – Katie’s creativity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail are consistent across projects of different scales/scopes. Her positive attitude is contagious to clients and crew alike and fosters an environment of respect and positivity. Katie is a valued collaborator who I know I’ll work with for

years to come."

- Rachel K.,


“The Uncommon Creative Studio is a pleasure to work with. I saw how well Uncommon executed an event a few years ago, and hired them to help with the last two holiday parties and special events.

Uncommon always takes our events to another level and makes them feel magical.

They are my favorite vendor to work with, I appreciate the enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, organization and professionalism. I look forward to working in the near future!”

- Alla I.,

Carmichael Lynch 

"Katie and The Uncommon Creative Studio are GREAT to work with!  With all the dietary needs we find ourselves with on set, Katie always has something for everyone at the Crafty Table.  This alone takes a lot off the plate for Production because we all know a crew runs on its stomach! 

Aside from being phenomenal at her job, Katie has a heart for people and connects with everyone when they stop by to see her. 

Truly a great company and person to have on your Set!!"

- Justin M.,


"We have loved working with The Uncommon Creative Studio! Since Macy’s is a large corporation, we have big ideas for various in store events and Uncommon was able to bring all of them to life. Not only do they live up to the ‘creative’ part of the business by always taking the smallest idea to the next level, but the communication and transparency cannot be matched. We work with many different production companies all over the Midwest and Uncommon has provided the most comprehensive estimates and proposals where we know exactly where our money is going and how it is being used effectively down to the penny. Uncommon is timely, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with! We keep coming back and hope to keep building our creative relationship."

- Nicole C.,


"Katie Driver brings admirable care and attention to detail in the work she does. I have only seen this commitment a few times in my life (in production and beyond!) and it is a sight to see. Katie has elevated the bar for me to the point where I can't imagine doing a production without her. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and hope you are as lucky to hire Katie as I was!"


- Danielle F.,


"During my relationship with Katie, I have always experienced an individual who shows up earlier than asked, works hard, and carries herself in a polite, respectable manner. In addition, Katie has impeccable taste, an outstanding ability to think outside the box, and is able to lead a team of creatives, collaborate, or fly solo depending on the project's needs.

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough."

- Toby M.,

Creative Manager

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Katie Driver on multiple occasions. She is skilled, kind, and organized. The first set I ever worked on with her I was incredibly impressed, and I now use her work as a benchmark for friendly and functional crafty. I genuinely believe that we are who we recommend, and I have happily recommended her several times and will continue to do so. I hope to display the same integrity and professionalism that she constantly maintains throughout the whole of my career.


Katie’s dedication to providing a great experience and an infectiously positive and driven attitude to those around her continuously makes her a great asset on any set. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher when it comes to craft services. Craft is such an important factor in how a crew functions and gets along. Katie understands this and has built her systems around that understanding. She is always professional and kind and takes the time to speak with other crew on a personal and meaningful level that often makes a larger impact on their day and therefore everyone else as well. She, in general, is a mood lifter. 

Katie has an attention to detail and genuine enthusiasm for her work that carries over to the rest of the crew, and that in itself would be reason enough to work with her on any set. Functionally she’s always on top of keeping her station clean, tidy, and varied. She helps manage energy levels with the food she provides and when she provides it and reduces waste by putting out small portions and choosing to refill them often - the much more responsible and sustainable option over putting out big bowls and large bags to avoid extra work.

Katie is a wonderful person to work with." 

- Micala B.

"I met Katie a few years ago when she was creating a special pipe & drape for a bride whose wedding I was coordinating. The concept sounded nice, but the finished product was beautiful.  Uncommon customized the pipe & drape to perfectly fit the back of the aisle entrance to the Chapel.  The bride was thrilled, and I was blown away by how this added such a beautiful accent for the entrance of the bridal party and, of course, the bride. Katie is a ‘perfectionist’ for detail and takes the time needed to makes sure the setup of this is done well & look just right. Uncommon is great to work with and has often been asked by other brides to setup this up for other weddings at our church."   


- Lynn L.,

Grace Church Coordinator

"Katie is beyond talented and ambitious with a keen sense of what is needed to elevate a project beyond what is asked of her.

She is professional, she is positive, and she never fails to deliver impossibly creative solutions to the most challenging requests.

I wish I could work with her every day. She is a dream to work with and makes us all look good! She will no doubt be a valuable asset to your organization." 


- Tari J.,

Art Director

"I have known and worked with Katie for nearly 10 years on various projects. Katie has worked with me as a set stylist, wardrobe stylist, and art director.

Katie is one of the most organized and detail-oriented people I have ever worked with.


She’s always my first call if I have the option to have her in my crew because I know I can completely count on her. The times Katie hasn’t been available for me she’s always gone above & beyond to refer me to others who could fill the role I needed. She’s a great connector of people, which I greatly appreciate!

She always responds to phone calls, emails & text ASAP. And if she doesn’t have the answer to any questions she knows where to find them.

Katie recently worked with me as art director on a very demanding two-week shoot. She problem solved so many of the ever-changing needs and demands of this shoot for me. She was always willing and available to handle whatever the tasks were. She handled many late nights & early morning meetings.

I really appreciate working with someone who has the ability & confidence to anticipate the needs & handle the obstacles each job brings.

Katie is a people person. She is kind & respectful to everyone! I completely count on her to communicate to crew and clients in an appropriate manor. She is very capable of managing a team while creating a safe & supportive environment for all.

Whenever possible I refer Katie to my contacts & am happy to do so. There are not a lot of people in this world that I can say I am 100% confident about – Katie is one of those people. Very proud to know her and have the privilege of working with her."

- Emily Jo H.

"We loved working with Uncommon for my daughter’s wedding. Their calmness, orderliness and creativity inspired more than just the bride for sure! We loved how they arranged our meetings with clear goals each time and how Uncommon has such a personal touch with the creative pieces too!  They are very skilled, and I would recommend Uncommon without a moment's hesitation!" 


- Melanie G.,

Wedding Client

"Uncommon managed the décor for our son’s wedding in October 2017.  They did a great job interpreting and executing the bride and groom’s wishes in a very cost effective manner.  Katie and her staff worked hard and did a great job on the day of the event and maintained a cheerful, positive attitude throughout. 

We would highly recommend Uncommon's services and we couldn’t have done it without them."


- Mike S.,

Wedding Client

"I’ve hired Katie for various TV commercial projects. When it comes to dressing a set, Katie is highly resourceful, but also isn’t afraid to create a specialty prop, if necessary. She doesn’t cut corners and expects a high level of quality from herself and her team. She brings a fresh, positive, energy to the set and works hard until the project is wrapped and the paperwork is complete. Katie is a solid partner to have

by your side."


- Mark R.,

TV Commercial Producer

"Words can't express how happy we are that we chose Uncommon Creative Studio for our daughter's wedding decor. They took care of every detail, leaving us with no worries or concerns. From initial discussions to final product, our daughter's vision was executed to perfection!"

- Lisa R.,

Wedding Client

"I love The Uncommon Creative Studio! Katie is dynamite to work with. She's friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and fun. I worked with her on a handful of projects and have always had a great experience. I highly recommend checking out Uncommon. You will not regret it!"



Designer Marketplace

"Katie's creativity and organization were exactly what we needed. She used the bride's watercolor painting and created the most beautiful event day stationary (program, table numbers, directions, place cards, signage, and thank you notes). She handled all of the late night snack bar design/purchases and displayed it beautifully. She walked us through table arrangements, seating charts, and room layout and was an immense help in decorating and take down. We wished we would've worked with her from the beginning of wedding planning!

She went above and behind what we could have imagined!

Thanks, Katie!!! You're the best!"

- Julie,

Wedding Client

"We could not have been more impressed and thankful for Katie and her team while planning our wedding and on the big day! It was absolutely amazing to walk into our reception and see our vision brought to life.

The Uncommon team’s creativity made the day beautiful, and their organization made the day effortless.

We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience and truly feel we couldn’t have done it without them!"

- Tove B.,

Wedding Client

"Funny enough, I feel like I found Katie in the most “uncommon way” and we couldn’t have been more lucky to have her. I began our adventure while outsourcing for our annual corporate event design and décor planning ideas. I posted on Craigslist and she found me actually!

I told her what our dream ideas were and she came back with various options to cater to our vision, and budget needs without feeling like we missed our mark and of course without any judgement!

She was incredibly organized, efficient, talented, professional… I mean I could go on and on for days about her. Her handmade technique and products are the highest of quality that we were able to reuse the items in other ways for our business and continue to talk about having her around for future projects (I’m literally having her quote out our next project as I type this!). Katie is an excellent resource to have and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Her thought process, the way she problem solves, her creativity, she’s a breath of fresh air and I wish I could keep her in my back pocket at all times.

Which I intend to do so! She was (and is!) a gem of a find. And I’m so lucky to have found each other that one day."

Lauren G.,

Magnolia & Vine

"The Uncommon Creative Studio exceeded our expectations in helping my daughter and I create a  unique and magical wedding!  We were drawn to Katie's warm personality and enthusiasm from the start. Their attention to detail, organization, and eye for uniqueness was evident from beginning to end.  It was a joy to work with The Uncommon Creative Studio!"

- Kim S.,

Wedding Client

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