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In what department of the film & print industry do you work? What kind of work do you do?

  • The art department! We use sets and props to help the production tell the story through the space, environment, and belongings.

  • Uncommon works in all types of productions & print work, including commercials, internal business filming, music videos, direct response videos, social media, and home shopping. 

What type of custom props do you make?

  • Any and all - try us! We have created larger than life mushrooms, a house of cards, moonshine branded crates, custom logos, and signage in various types of materials. No project is too big or too small for Uncommon!

Can you put together ideas for big pictures and small details for productions?

  • Absolutely! We can create a concept using mood and element boards, which build the big picture or break down the small details. We can also be a sounding board for other departments or a leader of the vision if necessary. 

Help! I got myself roped into hosting a grad party, wedding shower, birthday party, engagement party, and church banquet in the same month! Besides establishing boundaries with others ... what do I do?!


  • Step one, breathe. Step two, repeat step one. Step three, send us an e-mail at We would LOVE to help you pull any and all of these events together. We’ll set up a time that works to talk about all of the ways we can work with you. And maybe get you a stress ball.


I *just* need centerpieces for a party. Can you help me out?


  • Of course! We can go about this in a couple of different ways. You are welcome to take a look at our Rentals page and see the items we already have in our inventory. We can also put together an estimate for you if you’d like us to do some shopping and/or styling for you. 

  • Keep in mind that no project is too small or too big!


How much is it going to cost?


  • Great (and loaded) question! With the custom nature of our business, we do not offer packages or flat pricing. We know that one size does not fit all! Instead, we put together a free custom estimate for you. This is based off of your unique event needs, and it is calculated with labor (including assistants), travel time, mileage, rentals, and material costs considered.


How do I get an estimate on your services before committing to booking you?


  • Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we'll walk you through the process. It'll go something like this: we set up meeting to get to know you and to discuss your event, needs, and the scope of our involvement. With that information, we then put together an estimate and send it your way. If you're cool with what we put together, we set up our first official meeting, where we set our timeline together and ask that you provide 50% of that estimated total.


How far in advance do I need to contact you?


  • This really depends on your event type. Ideally, we'd like to be part of the process about 8-12 months in advance for weddings, and about 3-5 months in advance for private parties.

  • Has time flown by and your event is just around the corner?! We understand that life happens, and we will accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability. Give us a shout, and we'll let you know what we can do!


How much time do you need to set up before and tear down after an event?


  • This also depends on the type of event and scope of what we are doing for you. A general rule of thumb is that setup of all decor will require 2+ hours, and tear down will require 1-2 hours.


I have relatives attending my event who have special needs, and I really want to make sure that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. What can you do to help with that?


  • Like with any of our events, our TOP priority is addressing the needs of you and your guests. Have a dietary restriction? Katie has experienced this firsthand and takes this need to heart. Have a relative who is in a wheelchair? Both Katie and Sal have their BFA in Interior Design, and we know the importance of and how to execute on ADA guidelines to meet those guests’ needs. Have a relative who has a history of substance abuse, or someone who has beef with another guest, or are you worried about catering to a group of people that spans a broad range of generations? We know you don’t want to talk about these things, but for the benefit of everyone involved, we’re going to ask for your honesty so that we can do everything in our power to accommodate these needs and make your day truly special. 


I just got engaged! Where do I start?!


  • We are here to help, my dear! First things first, check out our Wedding Philosophy. This is the framework we use to create the plan for your wedding, and - full disclosure - it may be exactly what you're looking for orrrr it may rub you the wrong way. Take a look beforehand to make sure we'd be a good fit!

  • Second, sit down with your fiance and write down your needs, the kind of scope you'd want, and what you are looking for in your big day. This will be important for when we meet with you!

  • From there, it's just like we mentioned above. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to let us know some more about you! We'll set up that initial meeting to talk about what you're looking for, we'll put together an estimate, and we'll set up our first official meeting if you decide to move forward with us.


What type of drape and lights do you offer?


  • See our drape sketches in our PDF guide. Just keep in mind that we do not offer ceiling drape.




How do I know what is part of your inventory?

  • Go to our Rentals page to see the categories of products we have, and be sure to read all of our Rentals FAQ there! 

  • Click through those category pages to find what you need, and you’ll see each individual item’s name, dimensions, material, number in inventory, and price.


How do I know if it is available when I need it?


More Questions?


  • Check out that Rentals FAQ page, or send us an e-mail. We'd be happy to help you!


What about ... ?


  • Do you still have questions, or do you maybe have an idea you'd like help with, but you're not sure if it's technically covered here? Send us an e-mail! If we can’t create what you're after, we will make a recommendation for someone who can do so and do it well. Reach out to Katie at!


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