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Wedding Philosophy



We commit to serving you in ways that honor your needs, as well as our faithful convictions. We set this stage in order to challenge each other to have honest, transparent conversations about what is truly important throughout the process. This philosphy is provided so that you know upfront where we stand and how we will work to support you, instead of blindly supporting all that is commonplace in this industry today.



In preparation for your day, we will ask you to:
- Craft a thoughtful agenda that speaks to what is truly important to you and to your loved ones

- Determine how you would like to share your story in a meaningful way

- Make strategic financial decisions that bring the most value to the experiences you desire for you and your guests

- Recognize what is not important, uproot it, and discard it

- Unpack traditions, understand their meanings, and decide for yourselves which ones to honor at your wedding

- Determine who should be with you on your day and bear witness to your love and commitment

- Understand that this day represents a commitment before God that the two of you will uphold together for life


Ultimately, your day will:

- Encourage meaningful interactions between guests, keeping them engaged and excited

- Not be a show, but instead a joyous celebration!

- Be an important but small piece of your lives together

- Capture your memories and heartfelt moments

- Serve the true needs of your guests

- Honor your sacred bond while sharing your unique, authentic story with those closest to you

- Be full of fun, laughter, joy, and maybe some dancing (if that floats your boat)!

- Honor those who have supported you in your journey together

- Be a true reflection of what you value most



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