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Napkin Folding 101: Bows

I absolutely LOVE using real napkins on my tablescapes. They add a professional aesthetic that adds a soft quality to any table setting. One of my favorite napkin folds is the BOW folding technique! You can never have enough bows! Bow hard or go home... right?!

Here is a step by step photo tutorial of the how-to! Enjoy!

Place the napkin flat on the table, pattern side facing down

Working from the 2 bottom corners, fold napkin up 1/3

Working from the 2 top corners, fold napkin down 1/3

Depending on how big or how small you want your bow, fold the left side napkin into the center

Fold the right side into the center, overlapping the first fold

Turn the napkin vertically on the table

Carefully flip over the napkin so the folded edges are to the back

Begin the accordion fold in the center. Using your left thumb, fold edge towards the back, creating a “hill”. Simultaneously, use your right thumb to create the “valley” of the fold

Continue Step 8 to create 3 “hills”

Using your left hand, pinch the accordion fold tightly in the center, using your right hand place napkin ring around napkin

At this point your “bow” won’t really look like a bow and that’s ok!

Fluff edges, tuck edges towards the back, and center napkin ring

Voila! You have yourself a bow napkin!

A special THANK YOU to Chelle Photography for these photos!

Happy folding!

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