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Holy Hygge: A Traveling Gift Basket How-To

This quarter we are talking all about > JOY! <

Anyone who knows me well knows that JOY is one of my very favorite topics! When Sarah (Sal) and I started to discuss ways to feature joy this season, we immediately thought of our Uncommon Acts of Kindness project.

If you’re new around here, The Uncommon Acts of Kindness is a passion project that has been around for years!

Before it evolved into the in-person-on-the-spot-gift-card-giveaway it is today, the Uncommon Acts of Kindness used to be centered around giving personalized gift boxes! It was such a fun and meaningful way to spread joy to people the Uncommon way!


So! I had this all in the back of my mind a few weeks ago, when I went on a retreat with my small group to northern Minnesota.

It’s something we absolutely LOVE doing together - renting a cozy cabin on a lake for the weekend, spending time cooking, doing daily devotions, watching Sunday church together, playing games, watching movies, taking walks, resting, and spending time just being together. I mean, does it get any better than that?!

Those retreats are our chance to escape our busy lives to enjoy a slower pace for 48 hours. I always come home feeling refreshed and filled with JOY!

On this recent retreat, one of our gals brought a book that caught my attention.

The book is called “Holy Hygge” by Jamie Erickson. It “unites the popular Danish practice with the deep, theological truths of the gospel … Holy Hygge provides practical ideas for using hygge to gather people and introduce them to faith in Christ.”

In the book, Jamie explores the seven tenets of Hygge:








They sound pretty great, right?!

The themes in the book remind me of something one of my favorite authors said:

“If you have a gift for hospitality, throw parties on a regular basis. The joy you feel when people are gathering and talk is flowing and laughter is resounding and new friendships are being forged comes from God. Your living room can be an outpost of the fellowship of the Spirit.”

That’s hygge, and I absolutely love it!


In the book, Jamie shares ideas for how to add hygge into your life. One idea really caught my attention - it’s called a Traveling Basket!

How it works is super simple:

  1. You fill a basket with goodies

  2. You give that basket as a gift

  3. You request that once the receiver of the basket has enjoyed the gift basket, they then go purchase items to place in that basket to gift to someone else!

I mean, I absolutely LOVE it! Spreading JOY one basket at a time?!

C’mon, people! :)

So! I decided to create a version of the Holy Hygge Traveling Basket with my small group, and I want YOU to be able to do the same!

Use this as your guide to create your own unique traveling basket!


Traveling Basket- Mackenzie Jones Blog
Download PDF • 753KB

  1. Include goodies like:

  • A Basket

  • A Blanket

  • A Mug

  • A Candle

  • + Special Items For Our First Basket Recipient

  1. Use the printed instructions along with the schedule (above) to make it easy-peasy for everyone involved. It’s such a fun way to add a little encouragement and hygge into someone’s life!

  2. As a bonus, I asked the gals to journal about what the Lord is teaching them at that time so that we could pray throughout their month of having the basket.

  3. Then, when their time is up, they can then prepare the basket for the next recipient!

I’m so excited to see the JOY, goodness, and growth this basket brings to our small group as it connects us throughout the year.

. . .

If you want to curate a basket of your own, here are 3 extra tips to

keep in mind:

  1. Purchase something soft and cozy - maybe a throw, blanket, or new sweater for the recipient

  2. Decide on some kind of activity-based item to include in the basket - maybe a book, journal, or magazine

  3. Lastly, include some snacks - I like to add both salty and sweet!

  4. Bonus: Buy items that are in a cohesive color palette and style - especially if you know what the recipient’s home color palette and style are! This will make your basket extra special because they’ll get items that feel familiar and aesthetically pleasing AND that will fit right into their own personal décor!

Happy Hygge, Friends!

Katie + The Uncommon Team


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