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The Uncommon Holiday Hosting Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner! Well, based on when you start cranking up the Mariah Carey, you could say it’s already here :)

If you’re anything like us, you are chomping at the bit to gather your loved ones together to celebrate the season! Beyond the hustle and bustle of grocery shopping, décor selections, and pulling the perfect photo booth inspiration, we want to give you the tools you need to do something crucial for your event - serve your guests and their needs!

As many of you know, I have suffered through intense food allergies, sensitivities, and ongoing digestive issues for years. Because of my experiences, I cannot help but have empathy for anyone who feels excluded from any part of a gathering.

After all, sharing food and beverages with other people is often such a big part of so many gatherings. Let me tell you, feeling ignored, feeling like an inconvenience, or worse, feeling physically ill because of what I’ve consumed at a party, is the absolute pits.

This is why we approach each of our events The Uncommon Way:

  • We meet our guests where they are with extreme love.

  • We recognize and exceed our guests’ needs by serving them to the very best of our abilities.

  • We provide clear direction and set expectations

So how the heck do you create an event The Uncommon Way? So glad you asked!

Part 1: Identify Your Guests’ Needs.

We start by running through our guest list with 4 categories of needs in mind, and we want you to do the same!

Thanksgiving place setting with pie, name tag, glass, and "Gather" sign.

  • Emotional + Mental. Consider any conditions or circumstances that may impact your guests’ experiences at a gathering.

  • Generational. Think about the technology and terminology our guests will be comfortable with, and address the needs of any children who will be attending.

  • Physical Needs. Consider your guests’ comfort and safety as they navigate your event.

  • Dietary Needs. This includes preferences, practices, sensitivities, intolerance, and allergies. They all matter in the experiences of your guests!

  • *We call this “A Little More Care.” Essentially, we’re asking that you take a look at your guest list and put yourself in the shoes of anyone attending. How can you ensure they feel safe, secure, included, and taken care of?

Part 2: Make an Event Game Plan!

We come up with a plan to meet and exceed the needs of any of our guests. We ask our guests thoughtful questions when we need to so that we can create an enjoyable experience for them! Check out one of our previous posts for some questions you can ask any guests who have dietary restrictions, for instance.

Part 3: Set clear expectations with ALL of your guests.

As we say, clarity is kindness! We set clear instructions from the get-go with simple RSVP instructions, gift registries, and event websites. We state clearly where folks can park. We make it easy for them to navigate the event by providing lots of signage and guidance. When it comes to events, communication is key!

New Years Eve party with bar cart, fireplace, balloons, and silver and gold decor

If we leave you with one thing, let it be this: people need to be cared for before they can be entertained! You could throw the most beautiful party, but if you have not met the needs of the human beings who are present, you will have missed the entire point of gathering people together.

Use this guide to help ensure that you and your guests have a fun and meaningful time gathering together!

Happy Hosting!

- The Uncommon Team


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