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It’s the holiday season, so you know where you can find us …

Just kidding!

This season means oodles of shopping, prepping, and CELEBRATING!

If you’re anything like us, you're probably short on time, so let’s jump right into the best tips and tricks to help you through this time of year!

Remember: Your holiday party is about your guests!

Our number one recommendation for hosting any time of year is:

Identify and honor the true needs of your guests.

At every moment, ask yourself: what will work for your unique gathering with your specific guest list?

If you have time for a deep dive on how to truly learn to serve those you love at your holiday gathering, check out this throwback "Be Encouraged" blog post for the details you need!

If you have time for a deep dive on how to truly learn to serve those you love at your holiday gathering, check out this throwback Be Encouraged blog post for the details you need!

Make it *SHINE*

The most successful celebrations use a variety of materials that all fit together cohesively. Your choice of items and materials needs to fit the style and status of your celebration!

Again, think about your guests in every decision you make!

Get Your Party Supplies!

Grab our two best resources for getting the party supplies you need!

1. The “Party Supply Shopping List,” straight from our Host + Gather course! Print that baby out and make sure you have what you need for your unique event!

Download PDF • 167KB

2. Check out The Uncommon Shop! You don't have to reinvent the wheel! We have pulled together our favorite products, tools, and supplies all in one place, just for you. Check it out!

For Your Online Shopping

When you're shopping online, make sure to read reviews, dimensions, and material descriptions!

Also, if you have multiple items arriving that won’t fit under a covered area, place a plastic tote outside. Add a note to it that says, “Please deliver items into this box to keep them protected.”

Your Party Hosting Inventory

When you think about what you need for your holiday party, consider buying items that you can use again in the future.

If you’re going to be hosting a lot, you can buy in bulk for products like disposable or reusable plateware, napkins, utensils.

Keep in mind that building a good hosting inventory will take time, and that is totally okay. Be patient and build one thing at a time!

Our #1 Uncommon Shopping Tip!

No matter where you’re shopping for your holiday party, make sure to have your mood board, element boards, and budget in hand. This is the key to keeping you on track!

If you’re not sure what they heck we’re talking about, be sure to check out Host + Gather, our online party-planning master class!

If you don’t have the time to complete the whole course this holiday season, don’t worry! You can purchase the course once and enjoy lifetime access! Be sure to check it out!

Now get out there, enjoy your time with your loved ones, and have a blessed holiday season!

All our love,

The Uncommon Team


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