Home DIY Part Two: Board + Batten Wall

May 20, 2019

Part 2 ... SO crazy right now.


So now that you’re an expert on creating a custom media wall, let’s get you ready and rarin’ to build a board and batten wall, shall we?


The good news is: This is, in many ways, a simpler process and installation than our media wall installation.


The even better news is this: Just like your other creative projects and goals, all you need are the right tools and a little know-how. Then you can make what you see in your mind come to life ... BAM!



> Part 2 - Board + Batten <



Here’s a little teaser for what it will look like:




Photo by Nicole Christine @nicole.christine_



> Y'all ready for this? <



What You Need



Matte Paint (Dutch Boy - Dura Clean)

Construction Adhesive

Paintable Caulk

Caulk Finishing Tools

Caulk Applicator Gun

Lightweight Spackling

Wood Filler

Painters Tape

1 1/2" Finishing or Brad Nails

Wood Shims

Plastic Drop Cloths


Miter Saw

Palm Sander

Sanding Block


Nail Set (to Countersink Nails)


**Read through everything, including all of the tips below, before starting!




Photo by Nicole Christine @nicole.christine_


Here’s How I Did It:

1. I selected my wall and measured just the height & width of the sheetrock (leaving out any trim) and then marked the midpoint


2. I needed (2) 1x4s to span the width of my wall. I cut (4) 1 x 4s to make the top and bottom rails



3. I applied adhesive on all 4 boards and then placed them on the wall, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom, from end to end. They were a nice and snug fit! I then added additional support by using 5 finishing nails per board. I countersank those nails.


4. I measured the dimension between the inside bottom edge of the top rail to the inside top edge of the bottom rail.


5. I cut the remaining 9 boards that length to fit vertically between the top and bottom rails


6. Starting in the middle, I adhered the first board and placed it upright, on center, at the midpoint I had measured in Step 1. I added additional support with finishing nails, being sure to countersink them all.



7. I then decided on my spacing for the remaining upright rails. I measured all the sections and marked for the boards, staying consistent by measuring them on center.


8. One at a time, I then laid each board out, applied adhesive, stuck it to the wall and finished it with nails. *Keep in mind: not all walls are plumb! If a wall is not plumb and/or square, wood shims are a great way to prop the boards to make them hang correctly.



9. Once each rail was up, I then applied wood filler to all of the countersunk holes, knots in the boards, and top joints between the boards. Similarly, I filled all imperfections in the sheetrock with lightweight spackling. Be sure to allow it all to fully dry!


10. Once dry, I used a palm sander on the 1x4s and a sanding block on the sheetrock, making everything nice and smooth. I then wiped the entire wall down with a damp cloth.


11. After the wall was wiped down, I used paintable caulk to seal every vertical and horizontal joint between boards. After applying the caulk I took a finishing tool to get rid of caulk excess and create a clean 90-degree angle. *See more about this in Tip #2 Below!


12. Let this all dry completely. Once dry, I taped off the sides and painted the entire wall. I used a matte finish of a paint color I love and applied two coats.




1. I used Google SketchUp to help with my measurements. This free program has a "divide" tool that makes finding equal sections easy. Using this tool, I was able to plan the entire wall on paper and know the exact measurements before cutting anything.


2. A Caulk Finishing Tool is a MUST. The caulk comes out of the tube in a "bead" and to get a clean look for your Board & Batten you will need to clean each edge and finish it off with a caulk finishing tool. Watch the first 5 mins and 30 seconds of this video.


3. Wood filler is a MUST. 1x4s will have knots and imperfections. To get a clean look you will need to fill all of the imperfections and sand them down creating smooth surfaces.



Photo by Nicole Christine @nicole.christine_


Such a great impact, such a straightforward way to do it! I absolutely LOVE that this element makes my room feel like a perfect fit for me. For a completely different but equally impressive home project, check out part one of this post, where we uncover how we brought this media wall to life!



Keep Creating,

- The Uncommon Team




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