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This year has been a doozy for all but we at Uncommon are choosing JOY! This season we want to encourage all of you to make the very best of everything Christmas has to offer in a safe and healthy way. We know that some of our gatherings are going to look different than they have in the past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the magic of the season! In an effort to help, we have put together an idea that we are sure will help lift some spirits.

Whether it’s friends and family near or far that we can’t be with in person, we want to bring Christmas cheer right to their doorsteps! How about an inexpensive DIY Video Call Backdrop decor kit that you can send to loved ones to encourage them to decorate for your holiday video calls?!

> It’s like a Christmas Party in a Box! <

We know budgets are a little tighter this Christmas, and shipping can be expensive, so we’ve planned a kit that is under $30 to create! All but one of the decor supplies are from the DollarTree. We scoured the shelves selecting the very best Christmas cheer we could find! To finish off the kit, we teamed up with our friends at Anagram Balloons and incorporated an XL mylar Christmas balloon. This balloon is air-filled! Plus this balloon gives this kit a WOW factor! We’ve also included a prewritten note & video call meeting reminder that you can print out at home, along with directions for your family members to create the kit when it gets to their doorstep!

We hope that you find JOY in bringing others JOY! Follow the steps below to create the perfect DIY Video Call Backdrop decor kit for your friends & family!

. . .

1. Set up and confirm a date and time for your holiday video call with family and/or friends. You can use Zoom, Google, Meet, FaceTime, etc - this DIY kit is perfect for a portrait or landscape view!

2. Swing by your local post office and grab an 11” x 8.5” x 5.5” Priority Mail Box.

3. Shop the holiday decor shelves at DollarTree… you will need:

(4) Red Streamers (2pks)

(2) Green Streamers (2pks)

(4) Red & Green Paper Fans (2pks)

Photo Prop Kit (8pc)

(3) Christmas Wearable Items

***I chose an Elf Ears Headband, a red Santa Headband, & a light Rudolph nose!

All items + tax = $15.00!!

If you’re looking for a little added fun and your budget allows, pick up some paper crinkle for the bottom of your box while you are at the DollarTree!

4. Purchase your mylar balloon here:

4. Print this PDF out. We recommend “Fit to Page” when you print so you don’t lose any details! Fill out the Christmas video call date and time on the card! Cut the page in half, separating the card from the instructions. For a little extra detail, place the card in a festive envelope!

Christmas 2020 - PRINT OUT (2)
Download PDF • 441KB

5. Pack the box: Place the paper crinkle at the bottom of the box, unwrap all of the DollarTree items, cut off tags, and place them in the box grouping like items together. Make sure to add the PDF instructions and your card on top!

6. Bring to your local post office for shipping.

7. Wait eagerly for your Christmas video call to see the awesome DIY backdrop your loved ones create!

Want to take your kit a step further… we would recommend adding a few extra pieces to the kit:

- Sweet Beverage Treat: maybe a packet of cocoa, a sleeve of instant coffee or a latte

- Christmas Snack or Dessert: What’s a party without snacks?! Send a few snacks in your kit for your loved ones to enjoy while you chat!

- Matching Jammies or Ugly Sweaters: This is one of our favorite trends the last several years during Christmas! You could include t-shirts, flannels, or even onesies!

. . .

Want to know how it all gets put together? Check it out on our "How-To" follow-up post!

Now get back to enjoying your holiday season already!! :)


The Uncommon Team


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