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I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. From coloring to sewing to scrapbooking to stamping… I’ve always had my hands in art materials and bought my fair share of craft supplies! Sometimes I feel like I’ve single-handedly kept Michaels in business … anyone else?

… No, just me?! Haha!

Whether you are new to crafting or you’ve been doing it for years, It’s no secret that hobbies can get expensive. There are endless tools, gadgets, gizmos, and whatchamacallits for all things crafting! After a couple of decades spent purchasing supplies, tools, and equipment, I’ve found some “must-haves,” along with some products that I wish I had skipped. SO today I’m reviewing 6 craft items to help you sift through the clutter of craft supplies!

- BUY IT -

REASON: I absolutely LOVE my self-healing mat! This tool allows me to cut materials using a utility knife while not dulling blades and ruining my table surface. It’s a MUST-HAVE in a craft room.

TIP: The bigger the better! For my craft room, I got a mat as big as my table. This allows you to cut big pieces of material using a utility knife while not having to shift the mat.

Alternative Cutters


REASON: There are numerous cutters on the market that suggest taking the place of scissors. I have tried several and they all seem to come up short. I’d recommend saving your money and investing in a good pair of scissors instead.

TIP: When I was growing up, my mom always had three pairs of scissors… one for paper, one for fabric, and one for everything else. I recommend buying scissors and then specifying what material to use them on! Here are some of my faves:

BONUS: Thread

- BUY IT -

REASON: If you are anything like me, wrapping beautiful presents for the holidays or celebrations is a hobby in itself! I love taking the time to make packages look special and this ribbon cutter is a MUST-HAVE. No more frayed edges on satin ribbons that adorn your gifts. This tool makes ribbon edges perfect!

TIP: This tool requires four AA batteries. Make sure to take out the batteries between usage as the “ON” button is easily moved. It may become a safety hazard if you store the ribbon cutter in a draw with other items.

High Temp Glue Gun


REASON: 99% of craft projects will not need industrial heat for a glue gun! This is excessive and also not needed for the types of projects most crafters do.

TIP: Purchase a LOW TEMP glue gun with small glue sticks. These guns are better to pack, easy to handle, and less expensive than the high temp glue guns.

- BUY IT -

REASON: If you papercraft, scrapbook, make cards, or wrap presents, this adhesive is a MUST-HAVE. I absolutely love this product. It comes in several widths and holds tight. It is truly unforgiving (so use it wisely) but is always my go-to when I work with paper materials. It’s worth every penny you spend on it. The smaller the width, the more precise you can be with the adhesion.

TIP: Buy multiple widths and use an old-school tape dispenser to help store and dispense tape. Use sharp scissors when cutting pieces off of the roll.

Paper Shape Cutters


REASON: With all of the incredible technology these days, punches and cutters in most cases are old news. They can get expensive and with each punch you purchase, you are locking yourself into that shape and size.

TIP: From one crafter to another … If you haven’t yet, I’d rip that bandaid off and buy the Cricut Maker. I know it’s an investment but I highly recommend it. I absolutely LOVE my Cricut. It gives me so much freedom and creative avenues to explore when using this product. It allows me the opportunity to create the perfect size and shape for any project I make! The sky’s the limit for what I can make!

I hope these reviews can help you make the best possible purchases for your crafting tools repertoire. Stay tuned for our November blog post as we share with you a complete Crafter’s Gift Guide. A resource to help you purchase craft item gifts for you or any crafters in your life this holiday season! We can’t wait to share more with you!

Happy Crafting!

Katie + The Uncommon Team

/// This post contains affiliate links, which means we get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. We only recommend items we love and have had a positive experience with. Thank you! ///


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