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Edit - Home Edition!

“Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves, ‘what does this object mean to me?’”
- Nate Berkus

We could not have said it better ourselves! This month, we are showing you how to create some more space in your home, which in our experience, frees up some space in our minds, schedule, and life! Win-win-win! Read on for simple ways you can edit the things in your home, donate them to a good cause, and organize the things you keep!

. . .


First things first, remember that thoughtfully editing the things in your home is a process. Many of these things hold some sort of meaning, memory, or function, and deciding what to get rid of is not always very cut and dry. So be patient with yourself and your stuff!

  • When it comes to clothing, we can forget how long it’s been since we’ve actually worn something in our closet. So here’s a little trick. When you first hang your clothing, turn the hangers so that the curved head is facing away from you. As you go through your days, pull your outfits, and return your clothes to the closet after wearing them, turn the hanger head so that the curved part now faces you. Wash, rinse, repeat. Literally :) Then set a check-in for yourself in about six months to see which hangers are not turned, and feel free to donate the pieces you have not worn!

  • If you want to dive right into removing what you don’t want, go for it! If you’re on the fence about something, just set it at the far end of the closet for the time being. Revisit it in a few months, after having it out of sight and mind, and decide if you want to keep or donate it.

  • If you want a true expert, there’s a little lady named Marie Kondo … not sure if you’ve heard of her :) Her technique of asking “does this spark joy?” has really taken off. We have a few other questions that we think you’ll find helpful:

  • Do I have another item that is similar to this one, and do I find value in having more than one?

  • What occasion am I hanging on to this for, and how likely is it that it will happen?

  • Do I actually even like this thing?! This may seem like an obvious one, but it is easy to get swept up in what we are supposed to have, wear, and use. So do an honest check-in.

  • Similarly, is this who I want to be? Does this item actually fit into the life that I want to live?

  • At the end of the day, becoming clear on what you’re editing and why will truly make your home - and your life! - yours.

. . .


You’ve edited thoughtfully, and you’ve gathered your first batch of items to donate. Because you are a freaking rockstar. So now it’s donation time! Keep these things in mind:

  • Donation centers are coming off of a very busy year. Each center is requesting different types of donations based on their inventory, so be sure to check the list of items they are currently accepting before packing your car and hauling it off.

  • Some also have general restrictions on the items you can bring in, and they can change from time to time. Goodwill, for instance, may have restrictions on TVs, large appliances, upholstered furniture, and other items. So check your local donation spot ahead of time!

  • Goodwill is using large bins in their donation line, and they are asking donors to put their goods directly into the bins in order to limit contact. Be sure to pack like items with like items - pack clothes together, pack hard goods together, and home decor soft goods together. Do not mix bags!

  • Lastly, check out which local thrift stores you can donate to! We love supporting local places like Hands of Friendship, highlighted in our Valentine’s Day Tablescape post!

  • Always remember to donate something in the condition that you would want to buy it. It can cost organizations a lot of money to sift through and dispose of items that cannot be sold or reused. Do your part to make sure you are helping the cause!

. . .


Now that you have taken a load off, let’s organize the things you’ve kept! The most important thing to remember is to have an intentional place for your things. Here are a few simple things you can try in order to make your everyday life a little easier:

  • If - in normal times :) - you are traveling quite a bit, keep any of your travel toiletries and other travel items (neck pillow, portable charger, etc.) inside your suitcase. Your suitcase is already taking up a decent amount of room, so just keep everything travel-related in one place for when you need it. You will have to pack and unpack less stuff when travel rolls around, giving you the gift of more time.

  • Unless you’re keeping your everyday toiletries directly on the counter at all times, chances are, you are moving them around each morning and night. Group them based on how you work through your routine, and put them in baskets or bins for you to move around easily.

  • Check out these baskets and all of our basket rentals here!

  • If you like to select your outfits the night before, try using a hook or rack in your closet so you can keep them separate from the rest of your clothing.

  • If you want a plethora of other tips and ideas, The Home Edit is a great place to start. These two ladies have blog posts, services, products, and loads of inspiration!

  • The Container Store is always a go-to for anything and everything related to organizing!

  • Lastly, check out the deep dive we did a few years ago on staying organized with physical items and your digital tools - Let's Get Organized!

There are countless ways to stay organized, and the most important part is to find something that works for you!

. . .

In the end, getting really clear about your intentions when you purchase, keep, organize, or ultimately donate something is key. And we have found that the more we edit our space thoughtfully, the more we are okay with saying no to people, places, and things that don’t serve us, too. And it all makes more space for the things we truly love.

So friends, what have we missed? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for keeping your home a true reflection of you? We’d love to hear about it!

Edit away,

The Uncommon Team


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