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Party City!

We are so excited to share an amazing project we just completed with Party City!

Concepts, styling, AND cake?! Yes, please!

For this shoot, I was hired to help concept and style out unique Halloween setups for Party City’s digital social media content. This was truly a collaborative effort through and through, from the merchandising team and art director, who created product and element boards, to the photographer and creative director, who worked with us on props, materials, and ideas for execution. What you see touched many (sanitized) hands!

We approached this project by tackling one setup per week, and we shot at a few different locations ... one being my very own backyard! What made this whole experience even more unique is that, in order to create the spooky backdrop we needed, we adjusted our schedule so that we could shoot into the night. Check out what a sample shooting schedule looked like!

What made this all even sweeter was that Uncommon took on all of the prop sourcing and styling, as well as the food stylings, with just one exception. Manjit Harrison from Victoria Sweets created a slasher cake to die for :)

Enjoy the whole spread below, including a few behind-the-scenes photos alongside the main portfolio shots by Erica Riley! Plus, get a tutorial on how to make a Zombie Brains Jello Mold - mmm mmm mwahaha!!


The "Slasher" themed shoot was a chance for us to replicate some of those eerie classic scary movie moments. A studio set was designed and created for us with a true retro flair, which set the perfect tone! Plus, check out that cake from Victoria Sweets!

- HOW TO! -

Make a Zombie Brains Jello Mold


Brain Mold


4 3oz Lime Apple Jello

1 3oz Cherry Jello

5oz Evaporated Milk

1/2 TSP Yellow Wilton Gel Food Coloring

2TBSP Corn Starch

Non Stick Cooking Spray

Gummy Worms

1 3/4 CUP Boiling Water

3/4 CUP COLD Water


1. Stir Boiling water and (4) Lime Jellos until dissolved (about 2 minutes)

2. Stir in 1/2 tsp yellow food coloring

3. Add 3/4 cup COLD water & 5oz Evaporated Milk - Mix together

4. Coat Mold with Non Stick Cooking Spray

5. Place Gummy Worms Inside Jello Mold (8-12 worms)

6. Pour Jello Mixture into Brain Mold

7. Refrigerate for 3 hours

“BLOOD” (For Decorating)

1. Mix (1) Cherry Jello with 1 Cup Water in Microwave Save Container

2. Using a Whisk Add 2TBSP of Corn Starch

3. Microwave on High for 3 Minutes

4. Let cool completely on counter… do not place in refrigerator… mixture will solidify!

5. Carefully pour cooled “Blood” in a Wilton’s baking squeeze bottle for easy decorating


1. Using Party City’s 12 inch frosted/clear tray, refrigerated brain over onto the center of the tray

2. Place gummy worms on top of and around jello brain

3. Drizzle “Blood” onto brain, gummy worms, & around the tray


The "Witch" themed party was super focused on our tablescape decor and the witch hat streamer piece! We created this easy DIY focal point for our setup, and we used pops of color against the black to make the theme stand out!


The "Spooky Porch" theme was filled with spider webs and spiders! We layered three different spider web products onto the front porch, and we also used poseable skeletons to help create the spooky scene.


The "Graveyard" theme was shot in my backyard, where we used a chain-link fence, lilac hedge, and a 100+-year-old tree to set the mood for a "Graveyard". We filled the space with tombstone decor, prop fencing, chains, gravesites, & skeletons ... this shoot was extra spooky!

. . .

It's scary how much we loved this project :)

We're so thankful to be working, collaborating with amazing people, and finding our purpose these days. Let us know what you think, and have a very Happy Halloween!

Stay spooky,

The Uncommon Team

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