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DIY Gift: Fathers Day Edition!

It’s about that time again … it's the special day each year when we get to celebrate all of the dads in our lives!

I have been blessed beyond measure with an incredible dad who loves our family so well. One day just isn't enough to celebrate all he does for my siblings and me. He deserves to be celebrated each and every day but since his “day” is coming up, I want to make it extra special!

This month’s blog post is all about a DIY Father’s Day gift idea that I am sure all the dads out there will love. Read on to learn how I plan to celebrate my sweet daddy this Father’s Day, and how you can, too!

I don’t know about y’all, but buying gifts for the dads in my life can be difficult. Between my dad, my brother, and my brother-in-law, it seems that whatever they want, they just get on their own. Plus, they are notorious for not wanting much in the first place. Seriously, these guys don’t ask for anything! If I were to ask what they want, their responses would likely be:


“I already have everything I need”

"How about time with you kids?"

Whelp, that doesn’t help much with traditional gift ideas! But, the last thing got me thinking - “Time with you kids.”

I think we often overlook how much of a “gift” time truly is. Just being in the same space, doing an activity, or experiencing something together is a perfect “gift” for those people who are hard to buy for! It’s like making memories with them is their “gift”. And that's pretty cool!

So with that in mind, this Father’s Day I will be taking my dad to a “Back to The 50s” car show at the MN State Fairgrounds!

My dad grew up loving anything with an engine. His father (my papa) was a mechanic and loved being around cars. There wasn’t a single thing about engines my papa didn’t know. He shared that love with my dad, and my dad has shared that love with me. Although I am not a car gal myself, I sure love to spend time with my dad doing things he loves to do.

So now, let's think about who YOU want to celebrate this Father's Day!

What activities does your dad absolutely love?

Fishing? Music? Coffee? Golfing? Exploring and hiking?

Maybe he’s a beer guy or loves a local sports team?

Whatever his interests are, plan an activity to do together. Buy the “tickets” ahead of time and slip them into your Father’s Day card. Surprise him with all the details already planned out! Side note: if the activity doesn’t require tickets but involves purchasing things, can you purchase a gift card, buy a round, or pay the bill at the end?! Make it so your dad’s only focus is to present and enjoy the time together.

For those that might be doing a group gift or who want to do a little more for his special day, try this: In addition to purchasing "tickets," create a gift basket with items that support or go with your activity!

Here’s what I am planning for my dad’s day at the car show:

Car Snacks … it’s about a 50-minute drive to and from my parent’s house to the fairgrounds!

New Baseball Hat … a little gift within the gift

Sunscreen … that man burns like a lobster, but he’ll tell ya he is already bronzed ;)

Poncho … just in case it rains

Cash … for a treat of his choice at the show

I hope this idea helps you this Father’s Day as you celebrate that sweet daddy in your life!

Happy Father’s Day,

Katie + The Uncommon Team


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