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Well, hello there! Are you new around this blog?

If you received a “Christmas Party in a Box” from a loved one, you are in the right place! We are SO excited you are here to learn how to create a DIY Christmas Video Call Backdrop. Follow the steps below to make some Christmas magic!

Let’s get started!

. . .

- First, find a window in your home with a curtain rod.

**If you do not have a window with a curtain rod, find an empty wall in your house where you can build your fringe backdrop. Paper streamers are light enough that scotch tape will do the trick and come off clean from your walls!

- Remove curtains and move any furniture away from the window.

- Measure the height of your window, measuring from the curtain rod to the sill of the window. Write that dimension down in inches. Then place 2 chairs back-to-back with the height of the window dimension between them.

- Use a small piece of scotch tape and tape the end of the streamer to the chair. Begin wrapping the streamer around the backs of both chairs. Continue until the streamer is completely unraveled. On one end, cut the streamer to create strips that equal the height of your window (x2)

- Tie your streamers to the curtain rod. You can create a pattern with the colors or use them in an organic way.

- Continue hanging streamers until the curtain rod is full.

- Next, using fishing line, hang the paper fans on the right side of the backdrop. The paper fans come with a cardboard hanger in them and white twine. I would suggest cutting the white twine and replacing it with fishing line so you can hide the means of how you hung it.

- Using a straw, blow up the Anagram mylar balloon. You can also use a hand pump.

- Cut a piece of fishing line and tape one end of the line to the back of the balloon and tape the other end of the line to the window pane. You are finished with the backdrop!

- Grab your Christmas props and enjoy some time virtually with your loved ones this season!

Thanks again for stopping by! We hope you enjoy your “Christmas in a Box” and that you have a wonderful holiday season!


The Uncommon Team


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