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Introducing The Uncommon Pep Talk!

Here we go, friends!

The Uncommon Pep Talk is our way to gather with you around a virtual table and talk about the things that truly matter. This is our latest way to connect with you, encourage you, and answer the questions you most want us to answer.

This month, we are breaking it all down for you so you can know what to expect from our Pep Talks each week!

Who is part of The Uncommon Pep Talk?

Katie, Janie, and Sal (Sarah) will take turns hosting the talk each week. One gal will ask the other two a question (more on this below!)

What is The Uncommon Pep Talk?

Each week, we will ask just one question. We will keep our seasonal theme in mind each quarter, and we’ll build our weekly question into one of three monthly categories:

  • The first month of each new quarter will focus on being seen and heard. We will talk about how we can support those around us, no matter what stage of life we are in.

  • During the second month of each quarter, we will share the nuggets of wisdom we have learned from others. We will celebrate all of the hard-won lessons and all the various ways that other people have inspired us.

  • The third month of each quarter will focus on our legacy. We will talk about what we want to leave behind and what values we are seeking to embody in our everyday lives.

One last thing! Each week, we will also set a weekly challenge that encourages you to spread joy to those around you.




Every Monday!


This is our way to reflect on all we've learned, share our insights, and inspire you to keep being the incredible people we know and love!

Don’t forget - this is about YOU, friends! We want to talk about the things you want to hear! So send us an email and tell us what you want to learn! And follow us on Instagram to be part of this journey with us! We’re so glad you’re here!

We see you, We hear you,

The Uncommon Team


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